AR-HUD Builds a New Ecosystem of Intelligent Connected VehiclesRelease date:2022-08-16

On August 13, the 2022 China (Shenzhen) Automotive Electronics Annual Conference was grandly held. As an outstanding company specializing in intelligent car cockpits, Hardstone was invited to take a deep dive into the new technologies, new trends, new models and other hot topics in the automotive industry with technical experts and heads of R&D teams from domestic leading auto companies.

In recent years, under the impetus of the new round of technological revolution, the global intelligent connected vehicles are accelerating into the fast lane, and the next decade will usher in a golden period of rapid development. As an annual event for the automotive electronics industry, this conference is undoubtedly a great window for upstream and downstream communication of the automotive electronics industry chain. At the conference, industry entrepreneurs and experts launched a forward-looking brainstorm, which benefited every participant.

In addition, it is also worth noting that a product exhibition area was set up outside the conference hall, where many cutting-edge achievements were gathered. Hardstone distinguished itself with HUD series products, among which the most eye-catching one was the AR-HUD equipped on the exhibition vehicle.

AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display) superimposes the actual scene and driving information in real time by the adoption of virtual reality technology, which, similar to 3D projection, can dynamically present the vehicle status and navigation information in driver's vision. In addition, AR-HUD can also combine with ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) to visually present traffic light warning, following distance warning, lane departure warning and other information, enabling the driver to react quickly to ensure driving safety. In the context of the intellectualization of automobiles, it is believed that superior AR-HUD will become the ultimate solution.

Through the adoption of LCoS technology and the optimization of structure and design, Hardstone's AR-HUD2.0 has solved the problems of volume, heat dissipation, sunlight backflow, blinding, and other challenging problems, and the soft architecture of which takes AR fusion algorithm, distortion and calibration algorithm, graphics engine and application as its core. What’s more, Hardstone always puts itself in users’ “shoes”, optimizing the VID and FOV parameters of the AR-HUD on the basis of ergonomics. At present, Hardstone's second-generation AR-HUD is continuously promoting project cooperation with many domestic and foreign car manufacturers. The mass-production of AR-HUD is imminent.

The “dark horse” AR-HUD is making its way into the automobile industry. In the future, Hardstone will actively embrace the wave of the development of intelligent automobiles, strive for excellence in product development, and make every effort to make high-quality solutions that meet the vehicle standard specification, aiming to become the front-runner in the field of intelligent cockpits, assisted driving and connected services!

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