Hardstone Attended the 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Optical ManufacturingRelease date:2023-08-16

Recently, the " 8th Asia Pacific Conference on OpticalManufacturing" (APCOM 2023) was successfully held in Shenzhen, China. Over500 Experts from domestic and overseas advanced optical units, research centers,and enterprises were invited to deeply discuss the innovation, development, andapplication of advanced optical manufacturing technologies.

As an outstanding member of the Chinese Society for Optical Engineering, Hardstone was invited to deliverthe report titled "Industrialization of Automotive HUD Optics",and engaged in profounddiscussions with industry-leading enterprises regarding opportunities andchallenges of ultra-precision manufacturing, promoting high-level industrydevelopment.

During the report, Tenry Tang, the Product Director of Hardstone, conducteda comprehensive analysis of automotive HUD technology trends and industrialprogress. He offered distinctive perspectives and recommendations for advancingthe optical industry, injecting new momentum into the industry's vibrantgrowth. This report not only highlighted Hardstone's extensive opticalexpertise accumulated over time but also contributed valuable insights to theinnovative evolution of optical engineering.

Regarding the future application of AR-HUD technology, Tenry Tang pointedout that LCOS technology, with its excellent display performance and absence oftechnological monopolies, will become the leading display technology forAR-HUD. Hardstone's latest achievement, LCoS AR-HUD 2.0, maximizes theadvantages of LCoS technology. This cutting-edge product boasts outstanding 2K-level resolution, industry-leading 1500:1 high contrast ratio, and 15000nits highbrightness. In addition, its virtual image distance can be up to 13m, which solves the problemof Binocular Parallax without PVB wedge film assembly for comfortable visualdisplay and cost reduction. The projection lens adopts 8G all glass design witha large aperture of F/2.0, reducing 5% PGU volume and saving space (2-3L) forthe LCD Cluster to suit various vehicle models.

Hardstone consistently prioritizes independent R&D and innovation whilenurturing enduring partnerships with universities and research institutions at homeand abroad. Cooperated with Shenzhen Technology University, Hardstoneestablished the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Critical Optical Components PrecisionManufacturing Research Center, forming a robust foundation for the company'stechnological advancement. Hardstone's R&D team boasts extensive expertiseand over 10 years of industry background, covering core fields such as optics,algorithms, hardware, software, etc. Through unwavering dedication andexploration, Hardstone has not only achieved remarkable AR-HUD breakthroughsbut has also significantly contributed to the optical industry's progress.

This international academic conference has offered Hardstone a valuableopportunity to share the latest technological achievements and experiences withindustry experts. In the future, Hardstone will further strengthen cooperationand learning, driving ongoing innovative development in the field of optics,and contributing further wisdom and strength to industry progress.

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