Hardstone Was Awarded the Annual Top 10 HUD System SupplierRelease date:2023-09-01

On August 31, 2023, the Automotive Software&Intelligent Cockpit Forum was successfully held in Shanghai. With itsgroundbreaking innovation ability in the intelligent cockpit, Hardstone was awarded the Annual Top 10 HUD System Supplier at the end ofthe forum.

As one of the pioneering HUD suppliers, Hardstone excelswith strong R&D capabilities and mature technical strength. Providing customerswith full-stack solutions, Hardstone has achieved significant successes in bothHUD hardware development and software design. Continuous enhancements to corecapabilities such as AR Fusion Algorithms and Graphical Calibration Technology leadto an improved user experience. The recognition as " Annual Top 10 HUD System Supplier " validatesHardstone's years of dedicated work in the field of automotive intelligentcockpit.

Based on profound market insights andforward-looking technological perspectives, LCoS technology, with its excellentdisplay performance and absence of technological monopolies, will be the bestchoice for AR-HUD. Hardstone's latest achievement, LCoSAR-HUD 2.0, maximizes the advantages of LCoS technology. Thiscutting-edge product boasts outstanding 2K-level resolution, industry-leading 1500:1 high contrast ratio, and 15000nits highbrightness. In addition, its virtual image distance can be up to 13m, which solves the problem of BinocularParallax without PVB wedge film assembly for comfortable visual display andcost reduction. The projection lens adopts 8G all glass design with a largeaperture of F/2.0, reducing 5% PGU volume and saving space (2-3L) for the LCDCluster to suit various vehicle models.

Photo of HardstoneLCoS AR-HUD2.0

Hardstone has formed a complete development cycleencompassing design, simulation, and delivery. To facilitate the rapid importof the HMI of AR-HUD, Hardstone successfully launched HSG_Designer after years of independentR&D. This HMI Interaction Designer, paired with Hardstone’s Graphics Engineand Algorithms, can achieve extremely fast import of AR-HUD. In addition, real-timeeffect simulation is supported. Through this tool, interactions can be designedand verified on a PC, covering the majority of in-car AR-HUD functions. Thislays the groundwork for enhancing the comprehensive performance of the HUDvisual module, achieving high definition, high contrast, high brightness, andlow distortion HUD display effect. Beyond robust technical strength, Hardstonealso possesses professional delivery capabilities, showcasing highly efficientand high-quality delivery through collaborative development and adaptation withOEMs.

Hardstone HSG_DesignerOperation Interface

The future belongs toadventurers. During its establishment, Hardstone confronted significant industrybarriers in the automotive electronics industry. Fearlessly, Hardstone embracedchallenges and ventured into this challenging field. Now, Hardstone hasachieved a remarkable leap forward, earning recognition as HUD LeadingEnterprise. Looking ahead, Hardstone will continue leveraging its pioneeringadvantage in the field of intelligent cockpits. Fully utilizing resources liketalent, technology, and the market, Hardstone strives to offer customersevolving core technologies and products while enhancing the intelligent drivingexperience for consumers.
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