Hardstone@ 2023 Thailand Green Technology Expo (Bangkok)Release date:2023-11-14

On November 9th, the 2023 Thailand Green TechnologyExposition was grandly held at the Bangkok International Trade and ExhibitionCentre. Co-hosted by the Thai Ministry of Energy, the Chinese Government, andother authoritative organizations, this exhibition aimed to establish ahigh-level international cooperation platform. Hardstone distinguished itselfwith leading car intelligent cockpit products, pioneering the market in Southeast Asia.

During the Expo, Hardstone wasinvited to deliver the speech titled " Car Intelligent Cockpit Leads YourDriving Ahead". Crystal Liu, General Manager of Hardstone InternationalDepartment, conducted an in-depth analysis of the Southeast Asian automotivemarket. With the introduction of incentive policies such as new energyconsumption tax reductions, the new energy vehicles are expected to bloom theautomotive market in Southeast Asia. Notably, there is a trend towardsindustrial localization in policies. Locally CKD assembled vehicles importing components enjoys a highertax incentive compared to importing complete vehicles.

The intelligent cockpit, as thecrucial automotive component for intelligent human-car interaction, undoubtedly isthe direct beneficiary of these incentive policies, harboring significant development potential. Furthermore, driven by the intelligent trend of the automotive industry, intelligentcockpit will be a core competitive advantagefor future car upgrading.

Currently, Hardstone has madesignificant achievements in the field of car intelligent cockpit. The leadingcar intelligent cockpit products LCoS AR-HUD2.0 & Supero200 Cockpit Domain Controller are the best proof.


AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-UpDisplay) is an optical system that can project multiple vehicle informationinto the driver’s vision field, realizing high-end human-car interaction andimproving driving safety.

LCoS AR-HUD2.0 developed by Hardstone, not only supports a full-color display with a high light output of 140lm, but also boasts industry-leading 2K-level resolution, 1500:1 high contrast ratio, and 15000nits high brightness.

Supported byoptical design and mathematical modeling optimization, this product is equippedwith high-precision curved mirrors, achieving 13°x5°FOV and >13m VID coveringthree lanes in a small volume.

Professional analysis models are also utilized to simulate sunlightload and glare elimination, realizing performance indicators and opticaldisplay effects that are currently leading in the industry.

Supero200 Cockpit Domain Controller

Powered by a high-integratedSoC chip, Supero200 Cockpit Domain Controller supports multi-displays (IVI+LCD Cluster+ HUD) and multi-systems (Android + Linux +RTOS) withsuper-high computing power of CPU, GPU, and AI.

Certifiedwith ASIL-B Functional SafetyIntegrity Level, Supero200 ensures high-quality supply; Built-in AI Intelligent Voice Control System that supports starting Phone, Navigation, Entertainment and other functionsthrough corresponding voice commands, achieving high-effective and enjoyablecar-driver.

Furthermore, Supero200 further integratesthe ADAS System and V2X System, supporting up to nine differentcamera functions, including 360AVM, DMS, DVR,OTS, etc., offering comprehensive support for driving safety.

We believe that car intelligent cockpit will lead the future ofdriving. Looking ahead, Hardstone will continue to inject new momentum into thedevelopment and technological innovation of the automotive industry,contributing to the revolutionary upgrade and transformation of automotiveintelligence!

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