• W-HUD

    Display images 8~12 inches
  • AR-HUD

    AR Navigation
  • SUPERO 200

    One Solution to Best Integrate Intelligent Cockpits
  • SUPERO 100

    Superior Experience for Smart Driving
  • SICURO 400

    AHD 360 AVM Protects Driving Safety
  • SICURO 300

    Your Reliable Safeguard for Every Enjoyable Driving
Company Strength

Hardstone Mobile Media(Asia Pacific) Co., Ltd

Hardstone is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of automotive intelligent products. Since its establishment, Hardstone has been committed to creating value for customers and striving to be a world-class company with the vision of "To be an expert in automotive intelligent cockpit display" and the mission of "Make driving smarter and more enjoyable ".
Our main products include: Cockpit Domain Control Products, Windshield Head-up Display (W-HUD), Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR-HUD), In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), Camera Monitor System (CMS), Ultra Wide Band (UWB), etc.

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    OEM Partners

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    Auto industry experience

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    Dealers all over the globe

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    Countries brand registration

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